Lipedema treatment


Can lipedema be treated conservatively?

There are conservative measures that can reduce symptoms in a variable way depending on each patient case, although the impact on the aesthetic aspect is limited. They tend to be more effective in initial stages, although in advanced stages they can also alleviate symptoms.


Conservative measures

  • Wearing flatknit full-panty lymphatic compression type II garment 12-16 hours a day. They are tailor-made and ordered in orthopedics. The positive effects take a few weeks to appear but are considerable in terms of symptoms (heaviness, pain, etc), however only a discrete improvement in terms of volume reduction is obtained.
  • Practicing sports in water at least 3 times a week (aquagym / swimming). Many of the patients with lipedema have difficulties in exercising either by having a feeling of carrying ″a large weight in each leg″ or because of skin friction. Sports in water minimize these circumstances and also the water pressure itself relieves heaviness and pain in legs and arms.


Which is the adequated surgical treatment of lipedema?

Specialized surgical treatment consists in eliminating the lipedema-affected adipose cells. In lipedema adipose tissue is much more fibrous and compact than usual and areas to be treated are more delicate; therefore liposculpture, conventional liposuction and other types of liposuction such as VASER ultrasonic liposuction or laser-assisted liposuction can be dangerous. The most delicate and advanced technique for the treatment of lipedema is Water-jet Assisted Liposuction or WAL technique.

Dr. Burgos de la Obra was the first surgeon in Spain to use WAL technique for specialized treatment of lipedema, he is one of the european pioneers in superspecialized surgical treatment of lipedema and has extensive experience in the treatment of this medical condition. It is important to highlight that WAL liposuction for lipedema is a complex surgery in which the attention to detail, precision and adaptation of the technique to the peculiarities of each specific case are crucial for an optimal result and a postoperative period free of complications.


Results of surgical treatment

After completing the surgical treatment of lipedema with WAL liposuction in experienced hands and recovering from the postoperative period, the patient will discover the following results:

Effects on pain:

The pain at rest and tenderness to palpation are greatly reduced, in many cases they completely disappear.

Feeling of pressure and heaviness:

A feeling of lightness and relief that the patient has not experienced for years or barely remembered appears, usually at the same time the patient notices an improvement in blood and lymphatic circulation by having decreased the previous pressure in the adipose tissue.

Mobility and joints:

The ranges of movement are no longer limited by fat tissue, increasing mobility and flexibility. The decrease of the weight that the joints have to bear produces an improvement of the previous joint discomfort.


Patient can start practicing sports without pain after finishing the exercises. The leg lightness allows for the performance of sports that previously could not be practiced.


By eliminating a large amount of pathological adipose tissue, progression to more advanced stages of lipedema is stopped; however it is important to contribute to maintain the results that patients keeps a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle after the surgical treatment.

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