Dr. Burgos’ approach to lipedema is clear: “Lipedema should be approached as a medical problem and not as a purely aesthetic condition. This disease can and must be effectively treated to free the patient from the symptoms and prevent progression. It is a duty of the medical community to know about this clinical entity and help spread information about its diagnostic criteria and treatment to avoid patients suffering the lack of knowledge of their own disease and its incorrect diagnosis.”

Medical career: Enrique Burgos de la Obra, MD, PhD

Education/academical career

  • Degree in Medicine at Autonomous University of Madrid.
  • Qualification: Outstanding, with honors in 135 credits.
  • Top 100 in National Doctors Specialty Access Exam: 57th position / 13,815 applicants.
  • Especialization in General Surgery at Hospital Gregorio Marañón of Madrid.
  • Specific training in liver transplantation and advanced oncological laparoscopic surgery.
  • PhD at Complutense University of Madrid, doctoral thesis: Outstanding Cum Laude..
  • Mastery in Aesthetical Medicine at Complutense University of Madrid.

Professional career

  • Specialty in General Surgery, Hospital Gregorio Marañón de Madrid.
  • Teaching collaboration with Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
  • Medical-surgical volunteering in Bengbis Hospital, Cameroon.
  • Medical-surgical volunteering in Kalighat – Prem Dan, Calcutta, India.
  • Surgeon at HM Hospitals Madrid, private surgeries
  • Surgeon in Vithas Hospitals Madrid, private surgeries.
  • Teacher collaboration with Universidad San Pablo-CEU.
  • Collaborator in private clinics of aesthetic medicine and non-surgical treatment of lipedema – Lipedema Institute
  • Specific training in lipedema surgery and Water – Jet Assited Liposuction in specialized clinics in Berlin, Germany.
  • First WAL liposuction for lipedema performed in Spain
  • First Spanish surgeon exclusively dedicated to surgical treatment of lipedema
  • Sanitas Award for the best contribution in clinical research for importing the WAL technique for lipedema to Spain
  • Medical director and chief surgeon in Lipemedical Spain

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